Yoga (Herricks)
YOGA All Levels - Instructor: Mia Tojal Open to students of all levels, this class draws from a range of yoga traditions including vinyasa, core strength vinyasa, gentle flow and...
Adult Education is pleased to offer a variety of exercise, fitness and dance programs to meet the needs of students with a range of interests and physical abilities. For your convenience, we have arranged some of the courses by level of exertion. A more strenuous course does not require any special skill, but it does mean that you ll get a more vigorous workout. If you re not sure which course is right for you, please ask!

IMPORTANT: Exercise plans may not be suitable for some individuals. Those enrolling in exercise, fitness, dance or sports programs should make certain that specific course requirements and activities are appropriate for them. Check with your physician before participating in any program. The Roslyn Public Schools relies on each individual to seek appropriate medical advice as to his/her capacity to participate, and will not be reponsible for any injuries, damages or loss resulting from an individual s inability to do so.